SIV Standard


Our siv courses are run over 2-5 days by New Zealands most experienced siv/acro instructor, Craig Taylor. We offer an extensive training programme where you will learn the fundamentals of siv and glider dynamics. Our aim is for you to complete the course not just being able to perform the manoeuvres but to have full knowledge and understanding of the manoeuvres and your glider in any state of flight.

Included in course

– 2-5 day course (depending on number of participants)
– radio instruction throughout each flight
– extensive briefing and debriefing with video analysis
– transport to launch via helicopter
– rescue boat
– life vest
– radio and headset for inflight instructions
– 1 x reserve repack
– footage of each flight to take home
– siv signoff for pg 3 if applicable
– t shirt

Manoeuvres covered

– big ears
– asymmetric collapses
– full front collapse
– the above with speed bar
– pitching
– wing overs
– b line stall
– a line stall
– pre stall
– full stall
– tail slide
– pre spin
– negative spin
– spiral dive
– reserve deployment

These manoeuvres will be limited to or exceeded by each persons individual ability and comfort

Pilot requirements

*- pilot must be a member or temporary member of nzhgpa
– pilot must have minumum pg2 licence or equivalent, (Australian intermediate).
– pilot must have own glider, harness and reserve
*- glider must have current wof
*- reserve must have been packed within the last 6 months

*Can be arranged by us prior to course


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